Monday, March 3, 2008

Hypothetical Question #1

This image comes from Xbox360 Fanboy's preview of the upcoming Xbox360 game Dark Sector. Dark Sector is not a game I care about, and Xbox360 Fanboy has clearly altered this image with a fake achievement. Which brings me to this inaugural installment of "Hypothetical Question."

HQ#1 - Would you play an Xbox360 game if it had the potential for 2000 Achievement Points, but also had the ability to lower your overall Gamerscore if you played it poorly?

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Tasha Ward said...

Absolutely! I wish all Xbox 360 games awarded points for achievements and stripped them for failings (dying, or restarting a level). It would give me greater incentive to replay some of the games that have begun to collect dust on my self! Replay values would soar to unprecedented heights. Nice question, btw.